BYU-Idaho: Sacred Music Series

Composer: Robert Cundick

Text by: Elder David A. Bednar

Conductor: Robert Tueller


Soloist: David Olsen


BYU-Idaho Symphony Orchestra

Collegiate Singers

Men’s Choir

Women’s Choir

God's Everlasting Love (2009)

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God's Everlasting Love
As God's love strengthens us, we act - we change
I pray for strength to burst these bands
Through the power of God's love
Contemplation: "Jesus Once of Humble Birth"
Christ invites us to come unto Him and be changed
At the last supper in the upper room
The great love of Christ is revealed
God's love is the source of divine help
Introspection: "I Know That My Redeemer Lives"
His love conquers all
His love brings peace
His love conquers death
God's everlasting love
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