BYU-Idaho: Sacred Music Series

Composer: Merrill Jenson

Text by: Merrill Jenson

Conductor: R. Kevin Call


Alma the Younger: Christian Rauch, tenor

Alma the Father: David Olsen, baritone

Witness: Sonja Zaugg, soprano

Witness: Lindsay Husted, soprano


BYU-Idaho Symphony Orchestra

Collegiate Singers

Concert Chorale

Men’s Choir

Women’s Choir

Come Unto Christ (1999)

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Have Ye Received His Image in Your Countenance?
Come unto Me and Ye Shall Partake
Alma the Younger Hears the Words of His Father
Bear One Another's Burdens
The Messenger of the Lord
Alma the Younger is Called to Repentance
May the Spirit of the Lord
Racked with Eternal Torment
Gloria: Oh, What Joy
The Trump of God
O That I Were an Angel
Fathers to Sons
He is the Life and Light
Come unto Christ

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