BYU-Idaho: Sacred Music Series

Composer: K. Newell Dayley

Text by: K. Newell Dayley & John S. Tanner

Conductor: Randall Kempton


Baritone: David Olsen

Tenor / Narrator: Alex Withers


BYU-Idaho Symphony Orchestra

Collegiate Singers

Men’s Choir

Women’s Choir

Bring Forth My Zion (2012)

Play, Download*Track TitleContributors
Behold My Beloved Son Narrator & Orchestra
Hosanna! Choir & Orchestra
How Oft Will I Gather You Baritone, Choir & Orchestra
Partakers of the Heavenly Gift Narrator & Orchestra
The Love of God Choir, Audience & Orchestra
Lifted up in Pride Narrator & Orchestra
O Ye Fair Ones Mormon, Moroni, & Orchestra
A Seer Shall the Lord Raise up Second Narrator & Orchestra
What is This Dark Foreboding Fear? Baritone & Orchestra
Joseph Baritone & Orchestra
A Gospel of Gladness Choir & Orchestra
He Lives! Baritone, Choir, Audience & Orchestra
Let the Earth Break Forth In Singing Choir & Orchestra
A Marvelous Work Narrator & Orchestra
Bring Forth My Zion Choir & Orchestra
Humble and Full of Love Narrator & Orchestra
Faith in Every Footstep Choir, Audience & Orchestra
Armed With Righteousness Narrator & Orchestra
The Lord Hath Brought Again Zion Baritone, Tenor, Choir & Orchestra

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