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BYU-Idaho: Sacred Music Series

Composer: Darwin Wolford

Text by: Darwin Wolford

Conductor: Randall Kempton


Soprano: Gina Sorensen

Mezzo: Marci MacKay

Tenor: David Peck

Baritone: Kevin Brower


BYU-Idaho Symphony Orchestra

A Cappella Choir

Concert Chorale

Behold, He Cometh! (1989)

Play, Download* Track Title
The Bridegroom Cometh
Wickedness As It Was in the Days of Noah
Where is the Promise of His Coming
For They Were Willingly Ignorant
Orchestral Interlude
The Heavens and the Earth are Reserved Unto Fire
There Shall Be Famines, Pestilences, and Earthquakes
It Shall Come to Pass in the Last Days
For The Lord Shall Comfort Zion
Hearken Unto Me, My People
Arise and Shine Forth
Zion is the Pure in Heart
He Was Called Perdition

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