Ropes Course Pricing

Ropes Course Fees

All groups are required to schedule the Ropes Course for a minimum of 2 hours with the exception of academic classes. The minimum group size is 8 individuals.  Prices Subject to Change without notice.

Academic Classes Fees:

  • $30/class- up to 36 people
  • $40/class- over 36 people

Campus Group Rates:

Groups Size Cost/Person/2hr Session
8-12 $6.50
13-18 $6.25
19-24 $6.00
25-30 $5.75
30+ $5.50

$2.50/person for each additional hour up to $18/person for a full day.

All billing takes place after the event and is figured at the number of people who actually came. Charges will be made to university accounts or the I number of the person scheduling the event. The ropes course staff does not accept payment for services rendered.

Cancellations must take place a minimum of 2hrs before your event time, groups who do not do this will be charged a $25 cancellation fee. Any group who does not show for their scheduled time will also be charged a $25 no show fee.