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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the R&CW Conference?

The Research & Creative Works Conference is an academic venue that allows students at BYU-Idaho to participate in undergraduate research or work original to the student in their field of study and present it in a professional manner. This conference is modeled after the format of national meetings of scientific and professional societies. Over 500 students have participated in previous semesters from over 30 different programs. Students have participated in a wide variety of individual, group, and faculty mentored research that has helped provide them with higher education experiences beyond the classroom. Submissions are organized into poster presentations, oral presentations, live presentations of machinery and devices, and artistic performances. Participants will have the opportunity to present in front of a judging panel and winners in each category will be recognized for their excellent work.

Why is research important for undergraduate students?

Students who apply themselves to education  realize that higher learning can take place beyond the classroom. Research invariably enriches a student's academic experience and is evidence of their proactivity and engagement in their chosen discipline. Therefore, this research becomes a powerful resume item that allows students to apply to better internships and to maximize their early career opportunities. Research is also one of the best ways to determine whether the chosen field of study will bring fulfillment to the life of the student. For example, if a student is considering chemistry, taking the opportunity to go through the critical thinking, research, and writing of a chemist will help a student decide if that is what he or she will enjoy doing. Undergraduate research can offer invaluable networking experiences with faculty mentors who will be able to write more detailed letters of recommendation to post baccalaureate institutions.

Who is the R&CW Conference for?

The Research & Creative Works Conference is extended to all with a passion for ingenuity and a love for learning. Specifically, this event will greatly benefit:

  • Students who perform mentored research

The R&CW Conference serves as a platform for these students to present their work and network with other presenters and mentors who have similar interests. In addition, a certificate will be given to all participants to include in resumes and post-baccalaureate school applications.

  • Students who are interested in performing mentored research

Those who have not participated in research or those who are searching for future project ideas have much to gain from interacting with student researchers and learning from their experiences. It is also a chance for inexperienced students to meet with faculty mentors and discuss with them their topics of interest.

  • Students who are undecided about a major

Any student with an undeclared major or who is considering changing their major will be able to ask questions to passionate students from each department. This will provide them with accurate information about what each major has to offer and explore different career possibilities.

  • Faculty endorsement

Faculty members that have acted as mentors to student researchers are officially recognized by the University and are encouraged to come and celebrate the success of their mentees. The conference also provides the opportunity for faculty to meet potential future student researchers as well as to collaborate with other faculty mentors. Each student participant is required to have a faculty endorsement upon submission of their project.

  • Campus community and online students

Anyone who is not a student at BYU-Idaho or who is pursuing their education online is invited and encouraged to come to this event and learn about the exciting work going on on-campus.

What kind of work is accepted?

Original work created by students or refined research of an original study can be presented in the conference as a poster presentation, an oral presentation, a live demonstration of machinery or instrumentation, or as an artistic performance. Submissions can be an independent project, a senior thesis, a capstone project, or any significant class project.

Where can I see examples of previous submissions?

Please click to view submissions from previous conferences.

How do I register?

Registration for the Winter 2014 R&CW Conference is now closed. There will be a link on the left side of the screen labeled "Abstract Submission", which will lead you to the registration page. Please submit the title of your work and a brief summary or scientific abstract (350 words max) that explains your research. You will also find a place to indicate the type of session you want to be in (poster/oral), the academic discipline that best describes your work, and what you plan to do during your presentation (PowerPoint presentation, perform a song, demonstrate a model, etc.).