About R&CW

Brigham Young University-Idaho students share and defend their original work and receive explicit feedback from expert judges at the Research and Creative Works Conference. Students from every discipline on campus, from hard sciences to creative fields, work in association with a faculty mentor to compete against like-minded projects. 

Students from every major on campus are welcome and invited to participate. These projects can be brought about individually or in a group. Each participant is required to have a faculty endorsement. Students are to submit work of significant quality (300-400 course level) that may include:

  • an original research project
  • a Senior thesis
  • a Capstone project
  • an analysis of literary work
  • a meta-analysis research
  • a variety of original artistic expressions

Submissions will be assigned to a symposium corresponding to the participant's discipline. Each symposium will be provided with judges that will give critical feedback and offer suggestions to the participants.

The Research and Creative Works Conference experience provides students with personal, academic, and professional growth. Since the conference first started in 2006, it has seen immense growth. We hope that you can be part of the great tradition of research and creativity!

Send an email to rcw@byui.edu or find us on Facebook if you have any additional questions. The conference program can be downloaded here.