The Research & Creative Works Conference is a venue for students to present original research and creative or artistic works to peers and expert judges. Held every semester at BYU-Idaho, the conference provides opportunities for students to network with professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds and skill sets. Our mission is to foster an environment for the individual to develop and share their creative and academic achievements for their personal progression and the benefit of others.

Important Dates:

  • Registration Opens - September 25th, 2017
  • Registration Closes - November 3rd, 2017
  • Abstract Revisions Close - November 21st, 2017
  • Written Session Essays Due - November 21st, 2017
  • Live Performance - December 6th, 2017 @ Kirkham Auditorium
  • Conference - December 7th, 2017 @ BYU-I Center and various Taylor Building Classrooms

Students: Please keep in close contact with your mentors as they will not be receiving emails when you edit your abstracts, thank you.

Why RCW?

Students who participate in the RCW Conference benefit from it by:

  • Expanding your understanding and knowledge of your academic field. 
  • Defining your academic, career, and personal interests. 
  • Establishing valuable connections with faculty. 
  • Gaining academic experiences that help expand your resume, such as presenting at research conference, publishing, and working with a research team. 
  • Developing critical thinking, leadership, time management, and communication skills. 
  • Exploring research and creative techniques.