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Mediterranean Tour


Athens Greece

Travels of the Apostles: Religious History Student Tour


This is a wonderful travel-study opportunity available for BYU-Idaho students.  The semester it will be offered is yet to be determined.  The tour will allow students to study Humanities in historically significant Istanbul, to become better world citizens in great cradles of two world religions, to discuss philosophy of religion while marveling at the Parthenon in Athens, and ponder the teachings of Paul where he delivered them in Ephesus and Corinth. For a total of 21 days the walls of the classroom peel away and the classroom becomes great sites in Turkey and Greece:

  • Sailing on the Bosphorus Straits
  • Seeing ancient Roman Cities
  • Taking a ferry to Patmos—place of John’s exile
  • Hiking to ancient sites and monasteries
  • Learning about ancient Greece
  • Visiting the cities of Athens and Istanbul
  • Coming to know ancient cultures
  • Making many new friends            
  • Experiencing international cultures
  • Studying world religions in their homelands

For a copy of the Itinerary, Click Here

See below for specific information:


Cost of the tour is $3,700.00 (not including tuition)

     Cost includes:

  • All transportation (round trip air fare to and from Salt Lake, bus/boat fare, airport taxes)
  • Most meals
  • All lodging while on tour.
  • All entrance fees/tickets to attractions

     Cost does not include:

  • Tuition (projected $152 per credit)
  • Souvenirs, film, camera, snacks, water
  • Passport application fee
  • Extra activities during free time
  • Books, supplies for classes(Scholarship and financial aid apply)
  • Expenses for your stay in Rexburg (We suggest you stay with a friend, bishop, or professor)
  • Dates

    To Be Determined (on campus instruction first two weeks)


    (An update of courses will be available soon.)

  • Students must take at least 5 credits and can take up to 10 credits.
  • Possible Classes
    1. New Testament Rel 212
    2. The Gospel and World Religions, Rel 351
    3. The Gospel and Christian History, Rel 352
    4. Phil 201 Ancient and Medieval Philosphy
    5. Hum 104 Hero With a 1,000 Faces
    6. Hum 201 The Arts in Western Culture
    7. History 201 World Civilizations to 1500 A.D.

         *Classes may vary; other options may be available.

  • We will register you for classes. You will recieve more information once accepted.
  • You must have a current Bishop's endorsement, pay all debts to the college, and be enrolled in BYUI (this applies to EVERYONE unless you've just applied to BYUI for the first time and have not attended any other semester before summer.)
  • All courses will have scheduled class time.
  • Application

         To Apply:

    A. Pick up an application packet from a director. (See Contacts)

    B. Take your application to Brother Allred, Taylor 225.

    C.You will receive an e-mail notifying you of your acceptance. Pay the $300 non-refundable deposit to confirm your spot.

    For a copy of the Application, Click Here


         Physical Condition

    Participants should be in sufficient health to be able to fully participate in a vigorous travel schedule. Brigham Young University cannot be responsible for any illness that would occur on the tour. Persons with heart disease, high blood pressure, or other physical impairments that could hinder them from normal participation with the group should contact the tour director, Brother Allred, before submitting an application. While you aren't required to engage in all the rigorous activities, that's half the fun.  Be in shape before you go.  Also, you will be asked to fill out a health form.

         LDS Standards

    While traveling you are ambassadors of the church.  As such, all participants are required to maintain high standards of honor, integrity, and morality in harmony with the values of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  This includes abstinence from coffee, tea, alcohol, and narcotics, as well as following the LDS standards of chastity.  Participants will dress modestly and appropriately for the occasion.  Participants must also be willing to follow the directions of the tour directors and cooperate as a group. Violation of these standards or directions could result in a student being sent home at his or her own cost.


    Brigham Young University Idaho Travel Study Programs reserve the right to make changes or substitutions in this offer as a result of increases in fares, hotels, currency rates, or other unforeseen circumstances prior to departure. We reserve the right to cancel the tour if deemed necessary for circumstances beyond our control such as strikes, walk-outs, riots, wars, acts of God, etc. In such case, Brigham Young University Travel Study Programs or its agents have no responsibility beyond refunding all deposits and moneys paid. Such refunds will be made within 30 days.


    Philip Allred (Tour Director)

    Taylor 225


    Randy Hayes (Tour Director)

    Taylor 214


    Kyle Black

    Taylor 234