Taking more than one Religion class in a semester

Because The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints maintains that regular gospel study is a necessary part of the university experience, religion courses are provided so that students may progress in their religious understanding and convictions simultaneously with their educational progress in secular fields. As such, religion courses are not meant to be a mere devotional supplement but an integral part of the university curriculum that conforms to university standards and expectations. Therefore, while students are enrolled at BYU-Idaho, they are required to take religion courses from BYU-Idaho. BYU-Idaho religion coursework should be thought of as a continuous part of a student's university experience. Ideally, students would take one religion course each semester they are on-track until they have completed the religion requirement (and then enroll in Institute classes during their remaining semesters).

When students take more than one religion class in a semester it creates two problems: 1) since all BYU-Idaho students need to take religion classes, students enrolled in a second religion class take seats that should be left available for students who are trying to enroll in one religion class; and 2) a second religion class in one semester practically ensures an additional future semester in which the student will take no religion classes-an outcome which is outside of the spirit of the religion requirement.

Therefore, it is recommended that students take only one religion class each semester. No approvals are necessary for a student to enroll in a second religion class, but please be aware that the registration system will not allow registration for a second religion class prior to the first day of the term in which the student will take the class. Note particularly that this applies equally for 2nd Block classes (that is, they cannot be added until the first day of the 2nd Block). Students should take this into account when planning so that credit limits for scholarships or other financial aid can be met without the second religion class appearing on their registration before the first day of the term.

Three or more religion classes in one semester require departmental approval. Such approval will only be granted in cases of extreme academic necessity. If you feel your situation qualifies, you may apply to the Religious Education Department Chair in Taylor 202.