Religion Requirements

There is no degree, major, minor, or cluster offered in the Religious Education Department. To earn any degree offered by the University, the Religion Course requirements listed below must be completed.

Content Requirement: Graduation requirements include the four Cornerstone courses as core requirements plus six additional elective credits. (Beginning Fall 2015)  Courses with the same number and similar title are considered equivalent across all CES institutions, and whether taken at or transferred into an institution, will fulfill the content requirement for graduation.  Institute classes qualifying for transfer credit will be taught by an instructor with at least a bachelor's degree.

New Students: All institutions have agreed that beginning Fall 2015 new students will need to complete the four Cornerstone courses as core requirements plus six additional elective credits to graduate. 

Current Students: Current students fulfill graduation requirements using former guidelines.  Individual institutions may allow students to choose to use Cornerstone classes to fulfill core requirements.

Residency Requirement: Each institution determines how many religious education credits a student must complete on-campus. For transfer students, this requirement may increase the number of credits needed to graduate. For example, if a student has completed several courses at one CES institution before transferring to another, depending on the residency requirement of the institution, the courses transferred may meet the content requirement but not the residency requirement (see table below).

Transfer students: Depending on the total number of credit hours a student transfers, each CES institution uses a formula or scale for determining the number of religion credits (residency) remaining for graduation.

Attendance: Each instructor may establish criteria for giving credit, but generally, lack of attendance would affect a student’s grade detrimentally and could result in no credit for the class, thus requiring the student to retake the class.

Waivers: Should a student be denied a graduation diploma from BYU–Idaho because the religion credit was not completed and reasons for the non-completion were beyond the control of the student, an appeal may be submitted for review. For clarification and/or application for a waiver, see the Religion Department Chair. Students should make an appointment with the Department Secretary at (208) 496-3920

For more details regarding course requriements and transfer details, visit the following link:  Transfer evaluation and Religion Requriements