Registration Checklist

Accept Your Offer

To further learn about BYU-Idaho accept your offer here at

Honor Office

Read about the schools honor code and ecclesiastical endorsement procedure

Clearing Holds

Most holds will prevent a student from registering. The student will need to get onto their account at to see if there is a hold and the type of hold. The red writing will tell students the office responsible for the hold and how to remove it.

Transfer Equivalencies

Evaluate your transfer credits and see what classes you have left

Academic Advising

Need help with choosing a major or know how to start? Contact the Academic Advising office for major declaration and more information

Grad Plan

Plan and map all your future classes with the help of our graduation planner tool

Prepare to Register

Learn about the registration process and common questions

Register for Classes

Put your preparation to practice as you register for classes at BYU-Idaho