Property/Equipment (PE): This function pertains to an office's activities related to property, equipment, and facilities.

Design, Engineering, & Construction Files

Records associated with the design, engineering and construction of physical facilities and special projects. Records may include blueprints, drawings, consultants reports, engineering tests, and engineering standards; appropriations, building permits, certificated, change order requests, contractor bids, studies, cost breakdowns, inspections, permits, progress reports, schematics, and soil test results.

Record Copy held with Campus Planning & Construction office. Permanently retain the record copy of floor plans, layouts, sketches, and specifications to Special Collections; destroy remaining records.


6 years

Destroy (see above)


Records associated with the inventory of materials produced by or purchased by the University. Records may include depreciation schedules, inventory logs and lists, inventory controls, inventory records, problem logs, stock cards, and surplus disposal records.

End of Calendar Year

3 years



Records associated with leasing university-owned properties.


7 years


Operations & Maintenance

Records associated with the operation and maintenance of University-owned facilities and equipment. Records may include installation records, preventative and corrective maintenance histories, system tests, log files (mileage, repair, and usage), equipment replacement records, abatements, warranties, work orders, Capital Equipment List.

Record copy held with the Facilities Management office.


3 years


Real Estate

Records associated with the evaluation, purchase, ownership, and sale of real estate. Records may include appraisals, appropriations, approvals, closing documents, property documentation, site evaluations and environmental reports, and title documents.

Record Copy held with Campus Planning & Construction office.


10 years

Permanent Holdings