Bat Night at Idaho Falls Zoo

The Idaho Falls Zoo is having an event to educate people about bats and to help people learn how they are helpful to the enviornment.

The Rexburg Farmers Market

The Rexburg Farmers Market happens every Friday evening throughout the summer. Don't miss out on fresh produce and hand crafted goods.

" Our Pioneer and Pioneering Merchants"

The Sons of Utah Pioneers organization enjoys helping people learn about pioneer heritage. Learn about Rexburg's strong pioneer roots at the Pioneer fireside.

Shirley's Drive-In & Grocery

BYU-Idaho's Public History class began a podcast series called, Remembering Rexburg. The first episode is about a family favorite restaurant named Shirley's that was destroyed from the Teton Dam flooding.

Fire Prevention and Education

Carrie Bilbao, public affairs specialst for the Bureau Land Management gives information about fire prevention and offers resources people can go to to be educated.

Bob Stahn: Get Your Needs Met

Bob Stahn, a licensed mental health counselor in Idaho Falls invites people to learn how they can meet their emotional needs through reading his new book.