• The Idaho Falls Symphony presents, "An Evening of Chamber Music: Project Percussion."

    An Evening of Chamber Music: Project Percussion

    Executive Director Alekzandria Peugh talked with BYU-Idaho Radio about the Idaho Falls Symphony's upcoming performance. She explained what would be different about this concert and why people should go.

  • Madison Memorial Hospital

    Hospitals Post Care Prices

    In response to a new nationwide heath care rule hospitals have made new adjustments to their websites attempting to make pricing more understandable

  • Kainoa's Hawaiian Grill

    Kainoa's Hawaiian Grill

    The owner of the new restuarant, Kainoa's Hawaiian Grill, Jeremy Claridge talks with BYU-Idaho Radio about what makes it unique. He tells what led to him opening up the grill and what is most popular on the menu.

  • TEDx Rexburg

    Local TEDx Speakers

    Carol Sevy, Preston Pugmire, and Emily Curtis are all speaking at TEDx Rexburg this weekend. They share with BYU-Idaho Radio what they will be speaking about and why.

  • Ed Schriever

    The New Director of Idaho Fish and Game: Ed Schriever

    Ed Schriever is the new Director of Idaho Fish and Game. He's been with the department for 35 years and is honored to hold this new position.