Sculptor Kody Keller has a new exhibit in the Jacob Spori Art Gallery called Apologues Form.

April 20, 2017
Writer: David Payne

The Jacob Spori Art Gallery has featured many artists in past years and is preparing for a new exhibit called Apologues Form.

Kody Keller, a sculptor from St. George, Utah, said he has been doing art for as long as he can remember. He started sculpting in high school where he would compete against other schools in sculpting competitions. Keller attended Dixie State College where he worked under famous LDS artist, Del Parson and Marcelo Vignali who has worked with Disney and Sony. 

"I got into sculpture and just loved it," said Keller. "I tried to do everything I could."

Keller later went to BYU and got his master's degree in 3D Studio Arts. He has done many monuments for cities and private collection. Some of his favorite work was featured in the new Bible videos for the Church which took almost two years to complete.

Keller's exhibit, Apologues Form, was inspired by storytelling. Many of his pieces deal with different stories including the relationship between Abraham and his son and the relationship between the Savior and Adam. 

"My work deals a lot with symbolism, with analogy, and with parallel relationships, and with allegories," said Keller. "I wanted to come up with a show that spoke of that, and the title talks about that symbolism and kind of telling a story with a deeper meaning in a formal and three-dimensional way."

The exhibit opens Friday, April 21 and goes until May 24. There is an artist reception Thursday, April 20 from 7-9p.m. 

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