Think you know Thanksgiving and Black Friday? The Spot tests your trivia about the said events and shares some of their memories of the holiday.

November 22, 2017
Writer: Myles Primm

This is the Spot, a production from BYU-Idaho Radio where we talk about what you're talking about.

  This weeks episode focuses on the Thanksgiving holiday and the trivia that goes along with the traditions. To start off, hosts David Payne and Dale Spaulding start off by talking about Black Friday. Dale brings some interesting facts about last years Black Friday shopping.

Then, hosts David Payne and Myles Primm share some of their favorite Thanksgiving memories. Find out how Myles almost got attacked by a wolf and how David pushed through surgery pain to enjoy  a Thanksgiving meal.

Finally, Katie Eldridge brings out the trivia for those who feel like they know the Turkey Day like the back of their hands. Be sure to subscribe to The Spot wherever you find podcasts.