The articles below include summaries of the devotional talks and links to the devotional audio and to interviews BYU-Idaho Radio conducts with the speakers. Click here to go to the Devotional Archives Page.
  • President Henry J. Eyring and Sister Kelly Eyring

    BYU-Idaho President Henry J. Eyring and Sister Kelly Eyring Talk About Student Success, Natural Leadership

    "I think the message of it is not to be afraid, not to think that by reaching out for help, you're somehow, not enough," Sister Eyring said. "By reaching out for help, you'll help the others around you, a benefit I didn't know at the time that I needed help, but also that you'll become successful because you'll be able to thank your Heavenly Father and that's really the true source of help."

  • Andy Bradbury

    Andy Bradbury Takes Students on a Journey of Gospel Truths in BYU-Idaho Devotional Talk

    "Once we choose faith we make a discovery, that miracles are real and happen all the time. We just need to look for them."

  • Susan Ward

    Sister Susan Ward Teaches About Joy in BYU-Idaho Devotional

    "It is always better to make good choices, but when we fail as we sometimes will, I can promise you that repentance is worth any amount of effort."

  • Nathan Relken

    Brother Nathan Relken Talks about True Conversion in Devotional Address

    "A true conversion will bring forth a spiritual fortification and confidence to move forward in faith regardless of the battles or turmoil we may face in this mortal existence."

  • Laurie Francis

    Sister Francis Teaches the Value of the Scriptures

    Sister Laurie Francis used the history of the Bible and stories from the Book of Mormon to teach students about the value of the scriptures.