The articles below include summaries of the devotional talks and links to the devotional audio and to interviews BYU-Idaho Radio conducts with the speakers. Click here to go to the Devotional Archives Page.
  • Kelly Burgener

    Devotional Speaker Talks About Worth of Souls

    "Everything the Father and the Son do is about the individual, first, last, and always and the Plan of Salvation in large part hinges on the idea that each of us must rely on the Savior and on one another."

  • Brother Scott Gardner on Marriage

    Brother Scott Gardner discusses faith to have a successful marriage and some of the subtle messages of the adversary to hinder or distort righteous marriage.

  • Brother Ross Baron on Authorized Messengers and the Gift of the Holy Ghost

    Why does the Lord describe his work as "marvelous?" Brother Ross Baron explains in his devotional address to BYU-Idaho students that the way the gift of the Holy Ghost operates through the Lord's authorized servants is part of that miraculous and even marvelous work.

  • Elder Stevenson Discusses Apostleship and Interregnum

    Elder Gary E. Stevenson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles shares a few of his experiences serving with the prophetic leadership of the church, including interactions with and lessons learned from the inspired leadership of President Thomas S. Monson. He explains the meaning of "interregnum" and bares witness of the divinly appointed calling of President Russel M. Nelson.

  • Brother Rich Llewellyn Gives Council on Important Decision-Making

    Brother Rich Llewellyn, devotional speaker for Tuesday, January 16, 2018, shared his thoughts on making important decisions during college years, as well as the value of inspired council and spiritual involvement in making those decisions. He recalls what it was like to make those kinds of decisions as a college student and what helped him.