The articles below include summaries of the devotional talks and links to the devotional audio and to interviews BYU-Idaho Radio conducts with the speakers. Click here to go to the Devotional Archives Page.
  • Steve Davis

    Seeking Peace, Finding Joy

    “The way to get to joy, is to remember Jesus first, others second, yourself third.”

  • President and Sister Eyring

    President and Sister Eyring: "No Greater Time in History"

    “Now we have a world where people are confused. If you don’t believe it, go and watch the news.”President Henry J. Eyring sang the familiar children’s primary song to students at BYU-Idaho during the first devotional address of 2019. He and Sister Kelly C. Eyring exhorted students to remember to be optimistic even though the world displays negative messages.

  • Derrel Higgins

    The Gift of Pain

    Pain, although not pleasant, is absolutely necessary in life. Darrel Higgins, the final BYU-Idaho devotional speaker of 2018, conveyed to students that even though pain is, well painful, we can ultimately learn and grow from it

  • John Parker

    Light the World

    Brother John Parker asks students at BYU-Idaho to light the world with their smiles and service.

  • Sister Jean B. Bingham

    Keys to Progress: An Eternal Perspective

    Learn to have an eternal perspective, remember you have agency and helping each other are the three keys Sister Jean B. Bingham said will help a person to reach their full potential.