Are you "all in?"

Brother Doug Conway, director of software engineering at BYU-Idaho, discusses what it means to be "all in" to the gospel of Jesus Christ from his devotional address, "Are you all in?"

Always Remember

Brother James Gordon, student success and retention director at BYU-Idaho, talks about his address "Always Remember" at the BYU-Idaho Devotional on Oct 22, 2019

A Work in Progress

Sister Janine Gilbert, a BYU-Idaho English Department faculty member, talks about her devotional address, "A Work in Progress."

The Words We Speak

Sister Lauri Arensmeyer, the BYU-Idaho Registrar, talks about her devotional address, "The Words We Speak."

Faith and Family

Brother Kevin Galbraith gave a devotional address at BYU-Idaho entitled, "Faith and Family."

Rising Above Opposition

Brigham Young University-Idaho President Henry J. Eyring and Sister Kelly Eyring talk about their upcoming talks prior to this week's BYU-Idaho devotional.