April 19, 2017
Writer: Dale Spaulding

If you want to become an electrician, you'll need to get an apprenticeship in some cases. You'll need to be an intern if you want to have a career in media, news, or film. 

For photography, it's getting your time behind the camera. My next story follows BYU-Idaho students in the Professional Imaging class to a photo shoot. I attended the shoot at the Venue in Rigby. 

Sister Caryn Esplin is bringing her students to the Venue for the first time. She teaches photography, but also teaches principles of online marketing, and works as the Associate Dean of Interdisciplinary studies on campus. 

"We've done it several semesters in a row, but we always go with different place. We've done it out of the flight museum there in Rexburg and that's been awesome, with 1940's airplanes and World War II costuming, and we've done this in Salt Lake City, for a day trip. We've done it out at the sand dunes."

They've also won awards for their work in the annual "Photoshop World" event. 

"That's usually in Las Vegas, this year it's in Orlando, and for several years we took a group of students, about twenty students, a couple vans, we'd drive down. ... We've had a lot of finalists, and we've actually had some overall winners, and the last time we went, we had three of the overall winners, and four of the twenty-one finalists."

Sister Esplin said this is a unique opportunity for students, because they are competing against professional photographers. 

I continued to meander through the photo-shoot, taking in the energy, the flashing lights, and the smolders from the models. Gerardo Sumano was one of the students that caught my attention. He's in charge of the photo-shoot today. 

"I think it's a great experience. This is actually what I want to do, I want to go into the fashion industry, advertising, so it's pretty cool that I'm helping set up this fashion shoot. I think it's cool that BYU-Idaho helps us to have these experiences, hands on in what we're doing, what we're studying." 

I left the photo-shoot that day, with some ideas of how I could take pictures better on my smartphone. But somehow, I felt I'd never get pictures as good as the students at BYU-Idaho. 

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