What Can I Do With a Major In Psychology?

Why should I consider majoring in Psychology?
Psychology is a discipline that attempts to understand what motivates people to make decisions and why they have certain reactions to the events in their lives. It seeks to understand human and animal behavior that is both normal and abnormal, as well as to define the terms normal and abnormal. Different disciplines in psychology focus on different approaches to understanding why people do what they do. These focuses include the sub conscious, environmental and biological make up, as well as many others. Because a psychology major is someone who has learned to understand what motivates people to makes decisions, he/she is qualified to work in many people oriented industries such as advertising, human services, market research, personnel, public relations and sales. With a master's degree or Ph.D., many psychology majors go on to work in areas of clinical psychology which involve counseling, industrial psychology which analyzes groups of workers in private industry, or research psychology which involves conducting research on human and/or animal behavior and analysis of the results.

What will I learn from studying Psychology?
A psychology major will have a broadened sense of what types of human and animal behaviors are normal and abnormal. Psychology majors will understand the different theories and concepts related to the six major disciplines in psychology. He/she will learn to design and execute large research projects and experiments, as well as to organize the resulting data. The study of psychology will lead to a better understanding of relationships, individuals, different perspectives, values and experiences related to sexuality, gender, culture, race and ethnicity. It will also help one to understand how self concept, attitudes, values and behavior are influenced by the social and cultural contexts in which they occur.

What are some of the interests and values related to Psychology?
Scientific curiosity about the behavior of people and animals
Desire to prevent social problems by understanding why they exist
Sensitivity to individual differences and diversity of behavior
Desire to understand what motivates people to make decisions
Compassion/caring for the welfare of other people

What career fields are related to Psychology?

How can I learn more about Psychology?

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