Student Research Projects

Association For Psychological Science
2014 APS Conference, San Francisco
2013 APS Conference, Washington D.C.
2012 APS Conference, Chicago
2011 APS Conference, Washington D.C.

2010 APS Conference, Boston
2009 APS Conference, San Francisco

BYUI-Research & Creative Works Conferences
2014 Spring Semester
        Fall Semester

Psi Chi Research Conferences


Papers Published:
2011 Psychology Students publish a manuscript in the Undergraduate Research Journal for the Human Sciences, vol. 10, May 2011.
Individualistic and Structural Attributions of Poverty in the LDS Population
by Alex North, Arwen Behrends, Kayla Green, Luis Oquendo, Tamra Dison, Justin Larson, and Yohan Delton.