Psycho-Social Rehabilitation

The intern will receive training in psychosocial rehabilitation. The intern will participate in fieldwork consisting of:

  • Accompanying PSR workers on their daily visits to patients
  • These patients may either have been diagnosed with psychological disorders, or are coping with addictions to drugs, or both.
  • Learn how to properly fill out paperwork,
  • Learn the basics of the health care system (Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security),
  • Possibly attend Mental Health Court
  • Observe proper interaction with Parole Officers, at-home-nurses, physicians, and clients' families.
  • Possibly attend group counseling sessions like Moral Recognition Therapy and Symptom Management.
The internship requires a minimum of 2 credits with 75 hours for each credit. A background check is required and has a $45 fee that is paid by the intern.

Requirement:  Students must have successfully completed Psychology 350 and 365.
Contact: Dr. Samuel Clay:
Limit: 4 interns per semester