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2015 Sept. 29, Scroll:  "BYU-I Faculty Surveys Student Health" 
interview with Professor Rob Wright
2015 June 23, Scroll: "Study Shows Morals Help the Brain" interview with Professor Eric Gee
2015 February 3, Scroll: "Professor Matthew Whoolery Shares TED Talk Experience"
2014 October, News & Notes:  "Dept. of Psychology Faculty Member Matthew Whoolery Gives TED Talk in India - How To Be UnHappy"
2014 July 8, Scroll: "New Health Psychology Emphasis Added" 

2014 July, New & Notes: 
"BYU-I Dept. of Psychology adds Health Psychology Emphasis"
2014 March, News & Notes:  Experiential Learning for Psychology Majors also Benefits School District  
Psychology majors work with Madison School C.A.R.E.S. program to help children and make the community a better place.  Eric Gee coordinates this opportunity for students to be involved in data collection and evaluation for the Safe Schools/Healthy Students (SSHS) program.

2012 December, News & Notes:  BYU-Idaho Graduate Receives Award for Pro Bono Legal Work  Former psychology major, Camille Borg, receives Utah State Bar Pro Bono Publico Law Student of the Year Award.
2010 November. News & Notes: "Math Education Students Trade Equations for the Stage"  Yohan Delton presents his research about the positive effects theatrical skills can have on classroom instruction.
2011 Feb. 3, News & Notes: 
"Walking Like Egyptians; Foundations Instructors Get to Know the People of the Middle East"  Four BYU-I  Middle East Foundations instructors traveled to the land they teach about, specifically spending time in Egypt and Palestine. 

2015 March 19:  Standard Journal - "TED Talk: TEDx Rexburg Event Rethinks the Ordinary"  Rexburg was exposed to some ideas worth spreading" after last Saturday's TEDx event.  Matthew Whoolery was one of eight speakers sharing their views on a number of subjects including love, practice, relationships, and even Africa.
2015 January 11: KPVI News Channel 6 - "Mental Health in Madison County"   Three BYU-Idaho psychology students (Jordan Moon - who just graduated, Emily Robinson, and Matt Marquez - who is a health psych major!) were interviewed by KPVI News Channel 6 regarding mental health here in Madison County. Here is a link to the video and commentary:
2014 July, Standard Journal "Our Town" spotlights BYU-I Psychology Professor, Matthew Whoolery: Five countries, four kids, three languages, two foreign universities and one passion.
2011 Feburary:  Standard Journal - "A Closer Look at Egypt; BYU-I Professor Comments on Uprising"  Matthew Whoolery, a professor at BYU-I monitors coverage of events in Egypt.  Before coming t BYU-I, Whoolery taught psychology at the American University in Cairo.
2011 September:
  LDS News - Reflections of former BYU-Idaho Psychology Professor, Ron Jacques, on 10 year anniversary of September 11th: "Stung by Tragedy, Lifted by FaithVisit"
2008 April 25: Standard Journal "STERESSED? BYU-I Professor Shares Ways to Cope with Day-to-Day Strain"  Samuel Clay, BYU-I Psychology Chair teaches classes about stress management.

2011 Fall:  Matthew Whoolery - "Perspectives From the Middle East"
2014 Fall:  Yohan Delton - "Mastering Scientific Skills Using Mnids and Hands"

Forums and Devotionals:
2015 October 6, Devotional:  Samuel Clay, Faculty, Psychology Department  "Nurturing Each Other Along the Path of Perfection".
Watch at:“Nurturing+Each+Other+Along+the+Path+of+Perfection”/0_8mtywkfd
Samuel Clay was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona.  He joined the church after graduating from high school and later served a full-time mission to the Peru Lima North mission.  He graduated with a Bachelor's of Science degree in accounting from Arizona State Univeristy. He graduated with a Master's of Science and Ph.D. degrees in psychology from BYU. He met and married the girl of his dreams, Myrlene Reminton Clay, while attending BYU.  They are the parents of five sons. Brother Clay currently serves as a Sunday School teacher in his ward.

2014 November 20, Forum: "Losing Your Self in India" by Dr. Matthew Whoolery 
Watch at:  
On Thursday, November 20th at 2:00pm in the Taylor Chapel, we were privileged to hear from one of our own in a college forum. Brother Matthew Whoolery of our Psychology Department spoke on "Losing Your Self in India." As a recent Fulbright Scholar, Brother Whoolery went to India in 2012-2013 and taught in the Psychology Department at Lady Shri Ram College at the University of Delhi. He traveled extensively in India and interacted extensively with Indian psychologists and students. In 2014, he was asked to return to Delhi to give a TED talk that is titled "How to Be Unhappy." He will discuss his experiences and draw upon people he met who illustrate important cultural differences which present a different way of viewing life, relationships, and religion. 

2011 February 16: The Egyption Revolution: Causes, Crisis, and Future
BYU-Idaho Forum by Psychology Department Faculty Member Matthew Whoolery.  Before coming to BYU-I, he was a professor of Psychology at the American University in Cairo. He teaches  the Middle East Foundations course and he recently led a group of professors to the Middle East. He speaks Arabic and has kept in touch with many friends and colleagues in the Middle East during the recent revolution in Egypt.

2009 May 21: Gambling: A Losing Bet, An Investment of Psychological Principles in Spiritual Bankruptcy
BYU-Idaho University Forum by Psychology Department Faculty Member Richard Cluff 
Listen at:
Read transcript at:

TED Talks:
2015 April 20
  TEDxRexburg - Talk by Matthew Whoolery "How To Lose Your Self-Esteem" 
Watch at:
Dr. Matthew Whoolery is a professor of psychology at BYU-Idaho.  His research interests include cultural psychology and psychological philosophy and theory. He has taught at the American Universty in Cairo in Egypt as well as at the University of Delhi in India. He has published many academic articles and a book on topics varying from the moral development of chidren, the psychology of religion, the assessment of mental health, and the psychology of Taoism.

2014 September   TEDxLSRCollege - Talk by Matther Whoolery "How To Be Unhappy"
Watch at:
Matthew Whoolery, a member of the Psychology faculty and a Fullbright Scholar recently gave a TED Talk in New Delhi, India. In September 2014, Dr. Whoolery was invited to return to Delhi to give a TED talk at Lady Shri Ram College at the University of Delhi.   When you are drowned in unhappiness most of the time, it can be a little tough to wake up to the shiny concept of joy. He is here to tell you how to be great at, what you're already good at. Watch him talk about "How to be Unhappy". 

Rat Olympics:
2015 Psych 361: Rat Olympics "Raticate takes the gold!"
2014 Psych 361 Behavioral Learning: Rat Olympics "Brain, the Rat"
2012 Psych 361 Behavioral Learning: Rat Olympics "The Rescue"
2009 Psych 361 Rat Olympics on Channel 3 News! 
Our first competitor can jump over four feet. Didn't catch that? Here's a different angle. Okay maybe he can't make the jump every time. But he sure loves to get back to home sweet home.

Graduation Requirement: ETS Major Field Test
Beginning Fall 2012 Semester, graduating seniors are required to take the ETS Major Field Test in order to graduate. This needs to be taken your last semester at BYU-Idaho. This requirement will show up on your graduation plan. The Psychology Department will pay for this test. The test will not affect your graduation. If you are not on campus the semester you are graduating, you will be excused from the test.

The test will be available to take at the testing center and you will be notified of the opening and closing test dates. You will need to pick up your pass code and instructions from the Psychology Department office before going to the testing center. The test will take 2 hours.

2011 Congratulations to Psychology Students
publishing a manuscript in the Undergraduate Research Journal for the Human Sciences, vol. 10, May 2011Individualistic and Structural Attributions of Poverty in the LDS Population by Alex North, Arwen Behrends, Kayla Green, Luis Oquendo, Tamra Dison, Justin Larson, and Yohan Delton.