Psychology Internships

Students wishing to enroll in an internship should make plans early. A few internships are available each semester and students should make preparations at least a semester ahead of time by applying for a specific internship.

•·         Internships are electives, they are not required.
•·         Students are allowed only one internship.
•·         Students are required to have Junior or Senior status.
•·         Internships are 1-3 credits.
•·         A minimum of 75 hours service required for each credit hour.

The following internships are currently being supervised by our faculty. Click on the internship link for requirements and contact information. Please direct questions about internships to the faculty member supervising the internship.

If a student would like to participate in an internship that is not listed, to receive credit from our department, the internship will need to be preapproved by the Department Chair.

Internships for Emphasis in General Psychology

JCC Clinical Internship

Counseling Aides - Madison Middle School 

Family Crisis Center

Innovative Equine Therapy
Sea Life Park, Dolphin Quest
Arivaca Boys Ranch
Kim Andersen at 

Internships for Emphasis in Industrial Organizational Psychology

Contact Yohan Delton: