Family Crisis Center

Number of Credits: 2 required, possibility of 3

Hours of Work: While there is considerable flexibility, the center is likely to select those applicants whose hours will guarantee coverage for each day of the week. Interns will also be expected to be on call periodically for emergency calls through the night.

Coordinator: Richard B. Cluff, Ph.D.

Supervisor: Margie Harris, Executive Director


Internship Responsibilities:

  • Office duties (answering phones, collecting donations, distributing resources)
  • Client advocacy (providing support during appointments, court hearings, etc.)
  • Project participation (assist with presentations, out-reach, technology)
  • On-call advocacy (join staff for emergency client contact)
  • Board representation (one intern will be selected to serve as a student representative on the board)

Qualifications for the Internship:

  • First preference is given to majors though other majors may apply and have been placed
  • Emotionally mature students who can maintain confidentiality and work with Traumatized clients

Date to fill position: Interested students must complete paperwork the semester prior to placement

If interested, e-mail Brother Cluff at or call 496-4078. In your e-mail, briefly explain your qualifications for the internship.