Welcome to the Psychology Student Employment Website

We are not taking applications at this time. For future job office openings please refer to the requirements listed below:

Student Secretary Requirements:

  • Excellent communication skills, computer skills, and previous office experience required.
  • GPA 3.0 or higher.
  • Students available to work multiple consecutive semesters preferred.
  • Students must be enrolled for minimum of 6 credits per on-track semesters to be able to work on campus; this doesn't apply to off-track students.
  • Students can work their off track if they are admitted as full-time students.
To be considered for an interview applicants must complete the following:

1. Provide an application. Click here to submit an application
2. Provide a cover letter, resume and class schedule. Email these to Barbara Sharp at: sharpb@byui.edu

Interview appointments:

  • The three most qualified applicants will be contacted for interview appointments by email. Please list your preferred email address in the appropriate box on the application form.
  • Interviews must be in person; we are not able to do phone interviews.

Teacher Assistant Requirements:

  • TA's are alloted seven hours per week to assist teachers with assessing papers, grading, and other assignments as needed.
  • TA's must have completed Psychology 111 and the courses they will be assisting with.
  • GPA of 3.0 or or higher.

 To apply, email your resume and copy of your current class schedule to specific teacher.

Thank you for your interest.