Behavioral Health Center Internship

The internship for BHC is a great opportunity for students who are perusing a career in clinical or counseling psychology. The following is an outline of the current job description and obligation for BYU-I students interested in this internship.

The Behavioral Health Center is a free-standing psychiatric hospital that is part of Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center with:

  • 76 beds on four different units - Adult Special Care, Daybreak, Child/Adolescent Unit, and Teton Peaks Residential
  • Adult Special Care Unit: Adults (18y/o through geriatrics) with an acute psychiatric illness that deems them 1) a danger to themselves or others, or 2) gravely disabled. Many of these patients are committed involuntarily to the facility. Average length of stay is 5-10 days.
  • Daybreak Unit: Adult patients with a psychiatric illness that are capable of insight and able to participate actively in their own treatment. Patients are involved in Cognitive-Behavioral therapies. Most of these patients are voluntary. Average length of stay is 5-10 days.
  • Child/Adolescent Acute Care Unit: Children and Adolescents, aged 3-18, that are at risk for 1) harm to themselves or others, or 2) gravely disabled. These patients have a primary psychiatric diagnosis but also often have conduct disorders, legal issues, and substance abuse problems. Average length of stay is 5-10 days.
  • Teton Peaks Residential Treatment: Adolescents with primary psychiatric illnesses placed for long-term treatment (6 months to 18 months) who are also often dealing with severe substance abuse, family dysfunction, legal issues and behavior problems.
  • We treat a broad range of thought and mood disorders.
  • Students will have the opportunity to observe and participate with patients in group psychotherapy, individual psychotherapy, case management, recreation therapy, occupational therapy, psychological testing, and other various assessments.
  • They will meet with a clinician once a week to discuss/process their experiences.
  • All students are required to provide evidence of previous immunizations, TB screening, and sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • Participation on the Teton Peaks Residential Unit will require a background check and fingerprinting at the students expense.
  • Students must have a basic understanding of various mental illnesses, be willing and comfortable interacting with individuals who are suffering with severe mental illnesses, and maintain clear boundaries.


- Transportation
- Passing grade in Psych 342 Abnormal Psychology
- Completion of the internship application
- Completion of the Confidentiality and Security Agreement
- Completion of the Student Health Questionnaire
- Completion of the Educational Experience Checklist
- A recent TB (PPD) test
- An interview with Dr. Richard Cluff,
- If interested, email:

Requirements: This internship will require a minimal commitment of 2 credit hours which equate to 150 hours of service.