Vance King Carrie Valora Payne, Clint D.

Vance King
Academic Advising

Carrie Valora
Academic Advisor

Clint D. Payne
Academic Advisor

College of Education and Human Development

Academic Discovery Center
309 Hinckley, (208) 496-9850

Our satellite advising office in Hinckley 309 wants to be of assistance to you. Please contact our office for an appointment for assistance with any of the following issues:

  • Major/minor changes
  • Four-year academic planning
  • Semester academic planning
  • Updates on Major/Minor Code Changes
  • VCC (Verification of Completed Coursework)
  • Clarifying Religion Requirements
  • Clarifying other General Education/Foundation Requirements
  • Fast Grad Instruction
  • Pre-Approved or Custom Cluster Construction and Approval
  • Substitutions/Wave Forms
  • Petition to Double Major/Minor
  • 75 Major Petition

If you have a question or a need that we can answer over the phone, feel free to give us a call (ext. 9850).
We look forward to helping with your academic success.