BS in Physics (770)

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in physics at BYU-Idaho offers students a solid foundation in both classical and modern physics. Students take a range of introductory and advanced classes in mechanics, electricity and magnetism, quantum mechanics, and thermal physics. In addition, the laboratory courses give students valuable skills and knowledge in experimental physics, extensive experience in modeling and simulations, computer control of devices and data acquisition. In addition to the knowledge that students gain in the physics program at BYU-Idaho, students develop a comprehensive set of valuable skills that can be applied to many career paths. These skills include (but are not limited to) critical thinking, reading, and writing skills, mathematical and conceptual reasoning, computer skills, leadership and communication skills, problem solving, creativity, synthesizing results and applying theory to real world problems.

After completing their B.S. in physics from BYU-Idaho, students will have a wide range of opportunities. These include the  following:

  • Graduate school: students can continue their studies in physics or a number of other disciplines
  • Professional school: students can go on to medical school, dental school, business school or law school
  • Industry: Physicists are hired by a number of companies and government labs throughout the country

Emphasis Areas

Students pursuing a B.S. in physics are required to choose one out of nine emphasis areas. Each emphasis area consists of 11 or 12 credit hours in an applied area of physics and will help prepare students for graduate school and/or careers. Students are encouraged to meet with their faculty mentor as they decide on the emphasis area that will help them meet their career goals.

If your emphasis area requires one of the upper level physics electives (PH 323, 324, 374, 375), you will be required to take an additional upper level physics elective to fulfill the physics core requirement.

BS in Physics Education (870)

The Bachelor of Science in Physics Education at BYU-Idaho prepares students to teach physics in high school. Each  Physics Education major must complete the Secondary Education Core and carefully select an approved education minor. Please discuss your choice of an Education minor with your advisor.

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