Physics is crucial to understanding the world around us, the world inside us, and the world beyond us. It is the most basic and fundamental science.

Physics challenges our imaginations with concepts like relativity and string theory, and it leads to great discoveries, like computers and lasers, that lead to technologies which change our lives—from healing joints, to curing cancer, to developing sustainable energy solutions.

A background in Physics opens up a wide variety of career opportunities. Solid state physicists are involved in the semiconductor industry and the development of a wide range of materials such as superconductors, ceramics, and conducting polymers. Nuclear physicists are in high demand in nuclear medicine, now used extensively for diagnosis and treatment. A background in optics can be applied in fiber optic communication and the design of optical instruments for astronomy and the aerospace industry.  In addition, physics is applied in a variety of scientific and engineering fields including astronomy, biology, geology, and acoustics.

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