The physics degree is offered to all tracks up until the second semester sophomore year.  Starting your first semester junior year, you will need to be on the Fall/Winter track in order to complete all of the course work required for graduation.  But getting that done is sometimes easier said than done.  Follow the tips below on how to get a track adjustment.  For more detailed information or if you have any questions, please visit with Career and Academic Advising located in Chapman 104.

Step 1: Start early.

  • This process usually takes two to four weeks to complete.  We recommend submitting it a month prior to your registration date for the semester you need the override.  (You'll know which semester you need the override after completing your grad plan.)

Step 2: Complete your grad plan

  • You will need to complete your grad plan online and submit it to the Academic Advising for approval.  After it is approved, you can print it and bring it to their office with a letter of explanation detailing why you need the track adjustment.  Or you can send them an email request with the letter of explanation attached. (Send the email to
  • Use the Grad Planner Tool. For tutorials and FAQ about this tool visit their website at

Step 3: Submit and wait for approval

  • The Academic Advising will verify the grad plan is accurate and then forward on to the department chair for comments.  They will in turn forward on to the Dean and eventually the ATA committee (vice presidents) and Admissions office.
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