Student Research Opportunities

There are many exciting areas of research in the field of physics.  Here are a few examples of research projects currently going on in our department.  When in doubt ask your favorite physics teachers what's going on and how you can get involved.


Wind Energy/Weather - contact Bro Turcotte

Astronomical Observations & Research Telescope - contact Bro McNeil

Surface Physics - contact Bro Oliphant

Vacuum Chamber - contact Bro Oliphant

Positron Annihilation - contact Bro Hansen

Atmospheric Optics - contact Bro Lines

Physics Education Research - contact Bro Pyper

Microwave Scattering - contact Bro Lines

Modifying TAYL's Nuclear Reaction Code - contact Bro Kelley

BYU-I Rocket Dynamics - contact Bro Oliphant