Resources for Physics Majors

Being a physics major isn't easy. There's a lot of really big questions out there. Like will I ever really understand the 3rd law of Thermodynamics?  Or will I ever finish my research? Or have you seen Bro. Oliphant? But whatever the question, hopefully these pages will help you out, or at least give you a start.

Did you know?!?    

1- The Physics Department is implementing new Emphasis areas starting Fall 13 semester?  All new incoming majors will now be required to choose a specialized emphasis area to help tailor to their interests and educational goals. Ask your faculty mentor what's available and how this could help you get to your desired career.

Recommended Sequencing Sheet for:

2- That before you can register for each semester you will now be required to meet with your faculty mentor to ensure you're on track with your grad plan and educational goals? If you don't know who your faculty mentor is, go see Sis Nelson in ROM 118 and she can show you. This will begin with Winter 2014 registration, so get in early to ensure you can register when your day opens.

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