There have been many questions regarding PH 105, especially concerning the prerequisites.  The prerequisites for PH 105 are as follows:

MATH 109 (Pre Calculus) OR FDMAT 112 (Calculus 1)


FDMAT 110 (College Algebra)  AND MATH 111 (Triginometry)

These prereqs are only there to help prepare you for the math level used in this course.  If you feel that you are prepared without meeting these prereqs please take the following pretest  and score your test to see your math level.   If you correctly solved fewer than 10 of these problems, or if you took noticeably longer than one hour to complete these problems, you should consider that your math background needs to be strengthened before enrolling in PH 105.  If you solve over 10 correctly, then you may speak with the instructor of the section you would like to add to have him waive the prereq.

If you have any questions please contact the Physics Dept Office in ROM 118 or at 496-7730.



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