Internship Links & Additional Resources

Getting an internship can be a daunting task, but hopefully the following links can help get you started.  For more detailed information see Bro. Brian Tonks or the Academic Discovery Center.

NSF's list of physics REUs:

(without the unitid=69 query you'll get all programs like chemistry, physics, math, etc.)

APS physics list of internships:

AAPT/SPS The Physics Nucleus (includes a forum to discuss internships, scholarships, etc.):

Idaho National Laboratory (INL)

Idaho State University (REU) Summer Program in Nuclear Physics, Radiobiology, and Nuclear Engineering. - Application due Feb 2nd

   - Additional Flyer

Idaho State University, Dept of GeoSciences

The American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) Summer Undergraduate Fellowship - Deadline February 3rd

Applied Physics & Astronomy at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)

SARA-REU Opportunity  - Additional flyer


U.S Department of Energy Online Applications - Applications due Jan 10

U.S. Department of Energy - DOE Scholars Program- Deadline Jan 12

NOAA -  The Hollings undergraduate application due Jan 31

Nasa Idaho Space Grant Consortium - Applications due March 1st

LERCIP College Summer Internship Opportunities - Deadline February 1st

Arecibo Observatory Summer Program for Undergraduates- Applications due Feb 1

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Summer Research Program - Applications due Feb 1

National Undergraduate Fellowship Program in Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy Sciences - Applications due Feb 15

Sandia National Lab

Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Internship at Coherent Inc

Nuclear and Radiochemistry Summer School

The University of Michigan REU at CERN more information can be found here

REU at the SETI institute


Lloyd V.Berkner Space Policy Internships Summer

- Biomedical Sciences Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Program.

- Quantitative and Physical Science Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (QP-SURF) Program

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

Nuclear and Radiochemistry Summer Schools - Applications due Feb 1

Yale CRISP MRSEC REU fellowships at Yale/SCSU for the summer of 2013 - Applications due Feb 1  

Bettis Summer Intern Program

NASA LARSS Internship - Applications due Feb 1

LSU- REU Programs in Computational Sciences and Material Sciences - Applications due Mar 1

University of South Florida - NSF REU

University of Michigan Physics Department Summer REU in Physics - Application due February 21

University of Notre Dame Summer 2014 REU in Physics

UC Davis REU Programs -

University of Vermont Summer 2014 REU in Physics

SCF_Lab on "Satellite / Lunar Laser Ranging (SLR/LLR)" - Applications due May 25

CCT REU: Interdisciplinary Research Experience in Computational Sciences

LA-SiGMA REU:  Interdisciplinary Research Experiences in Materials Science