Patrick Huish, a Design and Construction Management teacher, is the recipient of the National Association of Home Builders Outstanding Educator Award, and Valene Edwards, a senior studying interior design, placed second in the Charette Design Competition.

February 29, 2012
Writer: Jason Lyons

BYU-Idaho’s Design and Construction Management Department has recently received recognition for two successes, both by faculty and a student.

Design and Construction Management Department teacher Patrick Huish was recently awarded the Outstanding Educator Award at the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) in Orlando, Fla.

The Outstanding Educator Award is meant to give recognition for the accomplishments of teachers in construction education.

“When [they] announced some of the things the winner was involved in, I then realized he was talking about me. I was very … surprised,” Huish said.

Nominees are judged in five categories: teaching responsibilities; voluntary activities with students; participation in local NAHB activities; professional research, publications and presentations; and construction experience.

Huish said he has spent a lot of time coaching teams that have placed very well in NAHB Student Competitions. He has also served on the NAHB Student Advisory Board.

“I am grateful to my fellow faculty who felt I was worthy of such a recognition and recommended me for it,” Huish said.

Valene Edwards, a senior studying interior design, placed second in the Charette Design Competition, winning $4,000. The competition included 31 different schools and 398 other entries. It consisted of designing a layout for a kitchen, specific to the requests of a client.

“The day before the completion, I like to review the codes and guidelines I have learned as well as look at kitchens for inspiration,” Edwards said. “I feel as though looking at good design really helps ideas come quickly during the competition.”

Contestants are given three hours to draft plans that include a design concept, dimensions, specifications and a perspective of the kitchen.

“The hardest part of the competition is managing your time. You really have to think quickly and make fast decisions,” Edwards said.

The Charette Design Competition is a national program that connects dozens of schools throughout the nation.

Each school holds their own competition during the fall when entries are judged and the top three entries from every school receive a $50 scholarship.