College of Physical Sciences and Engineering Leadership

picture of Greg Roach

Greg Roach

College Dean

picture of Mark Lovell

Mark Lovell

Associate Dean Of Curriculum

picture of Susan Ward

Susan Ward

Associate Dean Of Faculty Development

picture of Garth Miller

Garth Miller

Associate Dean Of Online

picture of Jeanette Belnap

Jeanette Belnap

Office Assistant

picture of Les Manner

Les Manner


picture of Kory Godfrey

Kory Godfrey

Department Chair

picture of Richard Grimmett

Richard Grimmett


picture of Mike Sessions

Mike Sessions

Department Chair

picture of Julie Willis

Julie Willis


picture of Jackie Nygaard

Jackie Nygaard

Associate Dean Of Teacher Preparation

picture of Alan Dutson

Alan Dutson

Department Chair

picture of Stephen McNeil

Stephen McNeil