The College of Physical Sciences & Engineering has seven departments with six AAS Degrees, and 35 BS Degrees.  Below are the names of our degrees by department. Check our catalog, which will have further information.

Chemistry Department
         B.S in Biochemistry (705)

         B.S. in Chemistry (710)

         B.S. in Chemistry Education (810)

Computer Science & Electrical Engineering Department
         A.A.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering (384)
         A.A.S. in Computer Programming (385)
         B.S. in Computer Science (440)
         B.S. in Software Engineering (443)
         B.S. in Electrical Engineering (445)
         B.S. in Computer Engineering (450)

        Design and Construction Management Department
               A.A.S. in Architectural Technology (345)

         B.S. in Construction Management (605)
Geology Department
         B.S. in Earth Science Education (840)
         B.S. in Geology (740) 
  B.S. in Geoscience Computing (745)   
  B.S. in Environmental Geoscience (840)

Mathematics Department
         B.S. in Applied Mathematics (650)       

         B.S. in Biostatistics (651)      

         B.S. in Mathematics Education Composite (852)

Mechanical Engineering Department

         A.A.S. in Automotive Technology (346)

         B.S. in Automotive Technology Management (413)

         B.S. in Automotive Engineering Technology (414)

         B.S. in Advanced Vehicle Systems (416)

         Mechanical Engineering
         A.A.S. in Engineering Technology (380)

         B.S. in Civil Engineering (465)

         B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (470)

         B.S. in Manufacturing and Supply Chain (490)

         B.S. Agricultural Engineering Technology (647)

         A.A.S. in Welding and Fabrication Technology (374)

         B.S. in Welding Engineering Technology (473)

         B.S. in Welding and Fabrication Technology Management (474)

Physics Department
         B.S. in Physics Astronomy Emphasis (770-154)

         B.S. in Physics Biophysics Emphasis (770-155)

         B.S. in Physics Chemistry Emphasis (770-156)

         B.S. in Physics Computational Emphasis (770-157)

         B.S. in Physics Engineering Emphasis (770-158)

         B.S. in Physics Geophysics Emphasis (770-159)

         B.S. in Physics Mathematical Emphasis (770-165)

         B.S. in Physics Medical Physics Emphasis (770-166)

         B.S. in Physics Pre-Medical Emphasis (770-167)

         B.S. in Physics Education (870)