College Fellowship Leaves

General Information

The College of Performing and Visual Arts will provide reductions and leaves for a variety of important curricular and professional development projects.  Successful projects will have demonstrable and significant outcomes that benefit students, programs, and departments. Faculty peers serving on the College's Faculty Development Committee will review applications.

Committee Members

Names Departments

Brian Memmott

Art Department Chair

Wade Huntsman

Art Department

Bryce Mecham

Music Department Chair

Dallin Hansen

Music Department

Stephen Thomas

FDC Chair

Gary Larsen

Theatre & Dance Department Chair

Wendy Bone

Theatre & Dance Department

Applications will be reviewed by the College’s Learning Fellowship review committee each semester. In order for department chairs to prepare their curricular plan, this committee reviews applications four semesters in advance of the planned leave.

Application Deadlines

Semester Date
Winter February 10
Spring May 10
Fall October 10

A faculty member is eligible to submit a Fellowship application prior to the completion of their fifth year of continuous service.  The actual leave, once approved, will take place during the sixth year of service.  Projects are generally completed in one semester, but two half semester leaves are permissible.

All applications are submitted to the department chair first to ensure that he or she is supportive of the project and is able to provide coverage for classes. Well conceived proposals that have broad impact for students and for the department will have the highest priority.

The following are requirements for this leave: a final written report (with images, if applicable) and an oral presentation to the College Council. A public review, exhibition, or performance is also strongly encouraged.

You are encouraged to visit with a member of the Learning Fellowship review committee as you begin your planning. They can provide you with valuable advice. As stated, applications must be submitted to your department chair at least 16 months (four semesters) in advance of the anticipated leave date.

Please download the application form here:

3-Hour Application

FLF Leave/Thomas E. Ricks/MSR Application

(Please return completed form to your department chair.)

Final Written Reports


College Colloquium

March 19, 2015

Shawn Fisher


Gerald Griffin


Dallin Hansen


Gary Benson


Wade Huntsman



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