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Amber Wild

A BYU-Idaho Pathway Student Profile: Amber Wild speaks on how the
Pathway Program has been an answer to her prayers.  

Learn more about the Pathway Program


Student Profiles:

Amber Wild Arkadiusz Kolodziej Mike and Summer Davis Tayler Price
"There has been such an increase of the Spirit in my life." Meet a father, a husband, a Branch President and a student of the Pathway Program. "Take the opportunity. Don't let it pass you by." Learn about how the Pathway program helped her overcome her fears about being able to succeed academically 
in college.
(2:03) (2:11) (2:10) (1:47)
Valerie Sherlyn
Valerie Sherlyn Nick and Kati Clark Joe Hedrick and Lisa Trainor

Valerie describes how learning online has helped her life.

Sherlyn relates how online courses helped her and her family.

Follow Nick and Kati as they outline the struggles and successes of being Pathway students. "If I don't understand something in a class...I can just ask a classmate that lives with me."
(0:38) (1:09) (2:39) (4:04)    
Jordan and Tanya Wilde
Students and Service Missionaries in Denton, Texas express their gratitude and results of the Pathway Program


Mission Couples
How Pathway Works  Pathway Overview Lead Student Pathway Mission Couples

What the Pathway Program is and how it works.

President Kim B. Clark, other administrators and students outline what Pathway is.

What is the "Lead Student"? What is the role of the Pathway Mission Couples?
(2:38) (3:20) (1:25) (0:41)
Weekly Gatherings
Weekly Gatherings Speaking Partners One Word Thank You!

What do Pathway students say about meeting every Thursday?

Volunteer to help non-English speaking students succeed!

Pathway students describe the program as best they can in one word. Students express their gratitude for the Pathway Program.
(1:13) (1:21) (0:38) (3:01)

Puebla Changed Our Hearts Pathway Ministry
Puebla Puebla Changed Our Hearts Pathway As A Priesthood Program    Pathway In Ghana
Pathway Students in Puebla, Mexico express their gratitude for the Program. Find out what makes Puebla, Mexico so special Using Pathway in your ministry Pathway provides educational and career benefits, but perhaps the most valuable aspect for participants is the spiritual nourishment that comes through regular gospel study and the association of fellow students.
(6:01) (3:02) (3:13) (6:19)

Online Courses:

Online Orientation
Orientation to Online Courses    Online Courses What I Wish I Knew Interactions With Students
Student orientation to Online Learning   

Online instructors and students share their thoughts on the classes.

Online students give their thoughts and advice on how to handle online classes at BYU-Idaho. Instructors play an integral role in online classes at BYU-Idaho. 
(3:07) (1:20) (0:58) (1:28)

Online Interaction
Deep Learning Interacting with Peers and Teachers Online  Off-Track Commercial
Students speak on the dynamic learning gained through online courses. Students outline the benefits of an interactive curriculum Wondering what to do during your off-track semester? Why not take an online class?
(3:01) (1:26) (1:30)

Online Degrees:

Student Interactions BYU-Idaho Online Degrees
Why I chose BYU-I Online Student Experiences with Online Degrees                 BYU-Idaho Online Degrees                                 
Online students explain why they chose to pursue an online degree from BYU-Idaho. Students speak on their experiences with BYU-Idaho Online Courses The benefits of pursuing a degree online through BYU-Idaho
(1:21) (1:36) (0:32)