"After the first semester... I could speak and understand what they were telling me."
Raul H. Lopez
English Learner
Changing Lives
"This program is more than just a volunteer program. You are directly changing people's lives and you get to see that throughout the semester."
Zachary Lopez
English Speaker
"I think everybody should take part in this... The ability to speak two languages fluently has been a really big blessing in my life, and I will do anything in my power to see that many others have this opportunity."
James Tyler
English Speaker
"Speaking Partners gives you the confidence to solve all your doubts. It opened the doors to the outside world and helped us to progress."
Citali Luna
English Learner
"I have loved feeling like a helper to a lovely, hardworking, conscientious student. I absolutely loved the spiritual nature of the assignments. It strengthened my testimony to hear her bear her own strong testimony...
in English!"
English Speaker
"We have better opportunities when we speak English."
Diana Sanchez
English Learner
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