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English Speaker
An English speaker is the speaking partner that talks with the international Pathway student.
  1. Click below to register as an English speaker (this is for volunteers and BYU-Idaho campus or ENG 106 Pathway students). Previous participants from Spring 2013 or earlier will re-register here.
  2. After completing the registration form, you will be emailed a link to confirm your account creation. Follow this link and proceed to select a time or times when you can commit to being available for the duration of the semester.
  3. Once a time availability has been selected and saved, you will need to wait until an English learner student selects your time slot, this should happen in the first week of each semester*, but may take a little longer. 
  4. After you have been selected by an English learner, Skype and email contact information will be released to both partners, and you can start to meet at the scheduled time each week.

* To view semester start and end dates, see the BYU-I calendar.

English Learner
An English learner is the International Pathway student that is in need of a speaking partner.
  1. Click below to register as an English learner. (You must be a Pathway student enrolled in either GS120L, ENG106L, or MATH 100L.)
  2. Sign in to the website using your BYU-Idaho username and password. Set your time zone and Skype name as requested by the website.
  3. Click on the link, "Select a time slot and an English Speaker." Click on a desired time that has available English Speakers. Click on "Create Partnership" beside one of the English speakers.
  4. You now have the contact information for your speaking partner, and they have also been given your contact information. You may now begin your Speaking Partner appointments!
Click here to register
Click here to register
Important Information to Know
Reporting: Only those participating for a course requirement need to report their visits; in most cases you will submit a completion report via I-learn.
What-if Scenarios:

No Available Partners

If as a Pathway student you are unable to find an available partner (or in ENG 106, if your availability is not requested), you must email detailing the specifics of your situation. If there are no available partners, an alternative assignment will be given.

Missed Appointments

If as a volunteer you forgot or missed an assignment, please do all you can to reschedule a make-up appointment during the same week. If you are participating for a course requirement (whether an English speaker or English learner) and missed or forgot the appointment, you must forfeit the points for the assignment and send an email to your partner apologizing for your absence; they are not obliged to meet again with you that week, but you may if they are willing and available to do so.


If you know you cannot make it to a scheduled appointment, do your best to reschedule the visit beforehand for another time during the week (at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled meeting).

Unresponsive Partner

If as an English speaker volunteer your student partner is unresponsive after several weeks, you may disband the partnership via the scheduling portal and leave yourself open for another partner. If you are a Pathway student (speaker or learner) and your partner is not responsive after several weeks, email with a detailed summary of your efforts to contact your partner. You may disband the partnership and select another available partner. If, over time, visits are not occuring through no fault of your own, you will be given an alternative assignment by the Speaking Partner Support Staff.

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