Flashcard Vocabulary

  • challenge (n)
  • analogy (n)
  • apparent (adj)
  • to reverse (v)
  • to attach (v)
  • enormous (adj)
  • substitution (n)
  • to arise (v)
  • to adjust (v)
  • concept (n)
  • conclusion (n)
  • to construct (v)
  • insight (n)
  • to obtain (v)

Helpful Vocabulary

  • peel off (v)
  • yuck
  • to whittle (v)
  • riddle (n)
  • to guess (v)
  • glued (adj)
  • to flip (v)
  • worry (n)
  • to pick (v)
  • discount (n)
  • clue (n)
  • to unravel (v)
  • to pop out (v)
  • original (adj)
  • balance (n)
  • holy smokes
  • to crumble (v)
  • to get rid of (v)
  • to stump (v)
  • nasty (adj)
  • solution (n)
  • midst (n)
  • lean (adj)
  • fable (n)
  • plenty (n)
  • plentiful (adj)
  • to encompass (v)
  • literacy (n)
  • resource management (n)
  • home production (n)
  • storage (n)
  • social-emotional (adj)
  • uncertainty (n)
  • prudent (adj)
  • frugal (adj)
  • provision (n)
  • guideline (n)
  • kit (n)
  • lifetime (n)
  • withing our means
  • content (adj)
  • excessive (adj)
  • rainy day (adj)
  • newlywed (n)
  • dressing room (n)
  • air force (n)
  • overseas (adv)
  • salesclerk (n)
  • to brush (v)
  • to afford (v)
  • to possess (v)
  • significance (n)
  • addictive (adj)
  • behavior (n)
  • possession (n)
  • to entice (v)
  • worth (n)
  • to satisfy (v)

Speaking Partner Appointment: Word Problem Terminology

Youg adults painting the side of a building

Math 100L Lesson 7 PDF

Go through the following word problem (story problem) terminology with your speaking partner and make sure you understand how it is used:

In addition to
Increased by

Take away
Decreased by

Twice as big

Divided by
Out of

Read the following word problems with your Speaking Partner. Practice translating the problems into “math” terminology.

  1. 27 is 6 more than 3 times a number. What is the number?
  2. Two numbers add to 44 and the second number is 6 bigger than the first. What are the two numbers?
  3. Maria is ten years older than José, and next year she will be twice as old as José. How old are they now?

How do you translate #3 into an equation?
M = 10 + J
M + 1 = 2(J + 1)

To solve the equation, substitute "10 + J" in the second equation for "M." Then you can go back and solve for Maria's age.

Now make up your own word problem and solve it with your Speaking Partner.

Pronunciation Practice

Read through and practice stressed syllables in spoken English.

A syllable is a “beat” of a word. The center of a syllable is usually a vowel.

Bat = 1 beat
Teacher = 2 beats
Important = 3 beats

Suffixes: When you add suffixes to words the syllable stress often changes.

  • Primary stress falls on the syllable before these suffixes: -tion, -sion, -ic, -ical, -ically, -ity, -ian, -ial, -ialize, -ious, -graphy.
    define + tion = definition
    fantasy + ic = fantastic
    psychology + ical = psychological
    photo + graphy = photography
  • Primary stress falls on these suffixes: -ese, -eer/-ier, -ee.
    China + ese = Chinese
    finance + ier = financier
  • Most other suffixes do not change stress from that of the base word.
    govern + ment = government
    predict + able = predictable
    happy + ness = happiness
    success + ful = successful

Listen to your Speaking Partner say the words below. Repeat the words. Can you hear the stressed syllable? Make sure you understand the words.

courageous • intelligent • logical • articulate • methodical • creative • honest

curious • adaptable • imaginative • patient • competitive • observant • friendly • sensitive

Choose 5 careers. Look at the adjectives above. Which adjectives are important for the careers you chose?

Discussion Questions

  • What does provident living mean to you?
  • How do we become provident providers?