GS 120L: Lesson 7


Speaking Partner Appointment: Academic Resources

Young man praying with hands clasped

Read the following words of Elder M. Russell Ballard to your speaking partner. Read one time through and discuss pronunciation, unfamiliar phrases, or vocabulary words. Read another time through and discuss the advantages of the Internet.

Sharing the Gospel Using the Internet

"In the span of nearly 80 years, I've seen many changes. When I began my mission in England in 1948, the most common way for people to get news was through newspapers and radio.

How different the world is today. For many of you, if you read newspapers, the chances are you read them on the Internet. Ours is the world of cyberspace, cell phones that capture video, video and music downloads, social networks, text messaging and blogs, handhelds and podcasts.

This is the world of the future, with inventions undreamed of that will come in your lifetime as they have in mine. How will you use these marvelous inventions?"

(from Elder M. Russell Ballard, Ensign, July 2008)

Discussion Questions:

  1. What do you use the Internet for?
  2. Why is it important to rely on the Spirit when using the Internet?
  3. What kind of help can you find on the Internet to learn English?
  4. Have you found a website that is helpful for learning English?