GS 120L: Lesson 1

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Speaking Partner Appointment: Introductions and Faith

Young man praying with hands clasped

Today’s assignment is to get to know your speaking partner and to introduce yourself. The following are some things you might want to talk about:

Discussion topic:

  • Your name
  • Where you are from
  • What you do each day
  • Your family
  • Your interests
  • Tell your speaking partner about what you are doing in the course. Ask your partner questions you may have about English, the culture, or anything else that you may need help with.

In this lesson, you have learned two different ways to ask questions. Discuss the following topics with your speaking partner.

  1. What is faith?
  2. How can faith help you in learning?
  3. How have you used faith in your learning?
  4. Is there anyone you know who has shown great faith?
  5. Do you know of anyone that has lived by faith and by learning?
  6. Share with your Speaking Partner any experiences you may have had with faith and learning.

After your dicussion, ask your Speaking Partner four closed-ended questions and two open-ended questions on the topic of faith and learning. Discuss your answers. Use the chart below to help you.

Closed-ended Questions
Open-ended Questions