Speaking Partners FAQ

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What's the difference between Pathway and Speaking Partners?

Do I need to know a foreign language?

How long do speaking partnerships last? What is the commitment?

Can I have more than one speaking partner?

Where do speaking partner participants come from?

Do I need to have teaching or tutoring experience?

What do we talk about, and how much preparation is required before each visit appointment?

May I practice my Spanish, Russian, etc. with the student?

How do I use Skype? How do I get it on my computer? Can I use other video chat software?

Is audio chat enough, or do we need to use video?

Do I have to have a webcam?

It seems like my/their Internet is too slow. What do we do?

I / my partner missed the appointment. What should I do?

What if my partner can’t understand me?

Do participants need to be a member of the LDS Church, or can I share this as a volunteer opportunity with members of other faiths?