Our English Speaker pool consists of volunteers and participants from BYU-Idaho's campus, U.S. Pathway students, and the wider LDS community. Regardless of your reason for participation, the Speaking Partner experience can be an exciting and enriching one for all. Whether you are looking to gain new mentoring skills for your resume, seeking to make foreign friendships and engage in cultural exchange, or simply wanting to serve someone in need, being a speaking partner will be as much of a blessing to you as it will be to your student partner.

Your Role as the English-Speaker

In the spirit of keeping things simple, once you have signed up, selected a time availability, and confirmed a partnership request, all you have to do is be available at your computer/device at the scheduled time and be ready to converse in English for the next 30 minutes! For those volunteering as Speaking Partners in the same geographic area as the English-Learner, you are welcome to meet in person or online with the English-Learner. 

There is no required or formal training to be a speaking partner, although our English Speaker Volunteer Guide includes useful tips for those wanting to improve their language learning and teaching skills.

What do we talk about?

Your student partners will be enrolled in one of three courses (Life Skills, Personal Finance, or Basic Writing) from which they will be learning and using specific forms of vocabulary. During your visit you will access the appropriate Discussion Material page, and follow the script to discuss various topics that the student has been studying during the week. Beyond that, feel free to chat and ask questions, as this really is all about creating an environment of natural English-language conversation.

Contact Us: +1 (208) 496­-1835 • speakingpartners@byui.edu