LET'S TALK Speaking Partners

If you are a Pathway student who has participated in this activity before, you will notice that some changes have been made to the program structure, so be sure to read through the instructions carefully. One of the core upgrades to this activity is that you will now take charge of your English learning by selecting and requesting an English speaking partner, instead of having to wait to be matched by the Speaking Partner Support Team.


In very basic terms, the assignment for you as an English learner is to meet once a week for 30 minutes with a native-English speaker to practice English conversation over Skype or in person (if you are in the same geographic area). You will also meet once a week for 30 minutes with a peer in your own Pathway cohort, again, to practice English conversation. Because this assignment is largely reliant upon English-speaking volunteers, you must be on time for your appointments and make a strong effort to communicate clearly and early with your partner if you need to change the time of a scheduled appointment. On the same note, do not stress if your partner misses an appointment; in this case you will gain access to an alternative assignment for which you can still gain credit and practice English by contacting speakingpartners@byui.edu.


The quickest way to improve any foreign language skill is to speak it with native speakers of that language. By spending 30 minutes each week in English conversation with a fluent speaker, along with 30 minutes of practice with a peer as well as speaking English during your Pathway gathering, you will notice a significant increase in your English skills over the course of the semester.


Please refer to your course syllabus to understand more about the grading structure for this activity. Each appointment is worth points (gained by completion/participation), so you will not want to miss them. Hopefully your desire to learn English will be a strong motivator too!


If you are an English-Learner in Pathway and you are living in the United States, you are responsible for finding your own partner. You may meet with your Speaking Partner in person or over the internet. English-Learners in Pathway that are living in the United States should not use the Speaking Partner website for finding their partner and are not required to have their local partner register on this website. English-Learners that are having difficulty finding a Speaking Partner should consult with their local Pathway missionaries.

For English-Learners in Pathway living outside the United States: If there are no available partners on the scheduling and management tool and you live outside the United States, you are more than welcome to find your own partner as long as they are fluent English speakers; these individuals may be from your community, ward, or be friends that live abroad--just ask them to visit our website first so they can sign up and be familiar with the activity guidelines.

For more information on this assignment, please visit our FAQ (frequently asked questions) page, Testimonials page, as well as your course syllabus.

Contact Us: +1 (208) 496­-1835 • speakingpartners@byui.edu