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PDF Documents

Vocabulary, L2

Speaking Partner Appointment:

Youg adults painting the side of a building

Listening Practice (20 minutes, including Discussion Questions)

ENG 106L Lesson 2 PDF

Discussion Questions

Discuss the article from President Monson. In another part of the article, President Monson described homes in the following way: "Happy homes come in a variety of appearances. Some feature families with father, mother, brothers, and sisters living together in a spirit of love. Others consist of a single parent with one or two children, while other homes have but one occupant." With this in mind, you may discuss some of the questions he asked, such as the following:

  1. Do we exemplify the legacy of love? How?
  2. Do our homes exemplify the legacy of love? How?
  3. What would you change about how you spend your time?
  4. Have we cultivated a spirit of love in our homes?
  5. What would you change to ensure that your home is one in which Christ would want to "linger and rest"?

Speaking Practice (20 minutes)

The Speaking Partner will select one of the topics from the topic list and tell a story to the Pathway student. Prompt the student to ask follow-up questions about your story.

Then, the Speaking Partner will give the same or a different topic from the list for the student to talk about. Give the student a little time to think about a story on that topic. After the student tells his or her story, the Speaking Partner should ask questions based on the story that the student told. Then, the Speaking Partner should help the student with any issues in the way the student explains the story. For example, the partner might help the student if he/she left out specific essential details, such as character names, place, time, problem or goal, or the solution or outcome. Speaking Partners should also note if the story seems to lack organization. For example, the partner might explain that the student could have used more time markers to help with organization (from the vocabulary list on the left of the page). Explain where he/she would have used them. Finally, the Speaking Partner should discuss any grammar, vocabulary, or pronunciation issue patterns he/she noticed when the student was telling the story.