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Vocabulary, L8

Speaking Partner Appointment: Listening and Discussion

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ENG 106L Lesson 8 PDF

Listen and watch the Mormon Message by Elder Neil L. Andersen where he describes a "process of a lifetime." Take notes while you are listening, by writing down the different steps in the process he describes. Listen again, if you need to. Then, discuss the following with your speaking partner.

  1. What is the "process of a lifetime?"
  2. What are some of the steps Elder Andersen describes?
  3. Why are these steps important?
  4. He explains that we don't know everything, but we know enough. What do you think is "enough" to know?
  5. Why do you think He tells us that we need to become like little children?
  6. How is becoming like little children part of the "process of a lifetime"?
  7. Discuss anything else you wish to discuss related to Elder Andersen's message.


Part 1: Choose from the topic list for Week 8 a process for your speaking partner to explain how to do. You can also choose one from the week 7 topic list that you did not use, or explain in class, or for a writing assignment. You may also choose something in the United States that you want to know how to do. Ask your speaking partner to explain how it is done. After they tell you how to do something, ask them to explain any steps in the process you did not understand clearly. Make sure you understand clearly how to do the process he or she described before you finish discussing it. Ask any questions you have about cultural differences related to the process described.

Part 2: Your speaking partner will choose a process from one of the lists for you to explain. Make sure you provide any background information necessary for him or her to understand what you are describing, and then describe the process steps clearly. Finally, provide any necessary tips or warnings to make sure he or she understands the result of the process. After you describe the process, your speaking partner will ask you to clarify anything he or she did not understand.