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Vocabulary, L4

Speaking Partner Appointment: Descriptions of Time and Place

Youg adults painting the side of a building

ENG 106L Lesson 4 PDF

Use the picture above to play the following game with your Speaking Partner:

  1. Your Speaking Partner will think of an item in the picture and describe the location of that item, without telling you what item they are talking about. The Speaking Partner can also describe the item itself. Example: I am looking at an item that is on the table and to the left of the flowers. It is in between the pencils and the books. It is a small, metallic item.
  2. You will guess what item your partner is referring to by the clues he or she gives you. You may ask questions to clarify the location or other details. Continue this process until you are able to guess which item the Speaking Partner is describing.
  3. After you have guessed the item, you will choose a different item in the picture and use prepositional phrases to describe the location of the item. You may also describe the item to help give clues as to which item you are describing. Continue until your Speaking Partner guesses the item.
  4. Switch and repeat the steps at least one more time each.
  5. Your Speaking Partner will help you with any problems with the prepositional phrases or the adjective order.


1. Your Speaking Partner will describe the time and place he or she was born in as many details as they know using prepositional phrases "at," "on," and "in."

Example: I was born at 4:00 in the morning on March 16th in the year 1976. I was born in the hospital in Coquille, Oregon, in the United States.

After your Speaking Partner has described when and where he or she was born, you will also describe the place and the time you were born.

Your Speaking Partner will help you with any issues with the prepositions.

2. Prepare a list of at least 10 questions you will ask your Speaking Partner that begin with "where" or "when."


"Where did you meet your wife?"
"Where did you go to high school?"
"When did you go on your mission?"
"When are you going to graduate from BYU-Idaho?"

Your speaking partner will answer the questions. After answering your questions, he or she can ask you some questions. Your Speaking Partner will help you with any issues with prepositions or anything else.

Speaking Practice

Your Speaking Partner will select one of the topics from the topic list for Week 4 and describe a place to you. While he or she describes this place, write down as many prepositional phrases and adjectives as you can hear and are able to write. After he or she finishes, share your list with your speaking partner to make sure you wrote them correctly. If you do not understand how your Speaking Partner used some prepositions or adjectives, ask him or her to clarify. You may also ask any questions about the place they described.

Then, you will describe a place to your Speaking Partner. Your Speaking Partner will choose the topic for you from the topic list. When you describe this place, make sure you include adjectives to describe the place in a way your partner may be able to visualize the location. After you describe this place, your Speaking Partner will ask you questions about it. While you describe this place, your he or she will note errors with the adjective order or using correct prepositions. Your Speaking Partner will help you if any details are unclear. You will also discuss other grammar, vocabulary, or pronunciation issues.