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Vocabulary, L3

Speaking Partner Appointment: Reading About and Describing Dreams and Places

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ENG 106L Lesson 3 PDF

Reading Practice and Discussion

Open and read 1 Nephi 8 out loud together. Take turns by each reading one verse and then switching. While you read, look for all of the different words and phrases that Lehi uses to describe the different parts of his dream. Both the student and the Speaking Partner should pause whenever you notice these descriptions, and write down or type the words and phrases he uses. After reading, discuss any of the English words or phrases that you are not familiar with. If you wish to read more about the meaning of these symbols, you can find the interpretations that the Spirit gave to Nephi in 1 Nephi 11-12 or that Nephi gave to his brothers in 1 Nephi 15.

After reading and discussing these descriptions, talk about or do the following:

  1. Discuss how Lehi's words and Nephi's writings help you to visualize Lehi's dream when you read.
  2. Your Speaking Partner will describe a dream that they have had. Ask any questions you have about their dream or any words or phrases that you don't understand.
  3. Describe a dream that you remember to your Speaking Partner. Describe the different things you remember seeing or feeling during or after you had this dream.

Speaking Practice

Your speaking partner will select one of the topics from the topic list for Week 3 and describe a place to you. After they are done, ask questions about the place they have described.

Then, you will describe a place to your Speaking Partner. Your Speaking Partner will choose the topic for you from the topic list. When you describe this place, make sure you include details and descriptive words. After you describe this place, your Speaking Partner will ask you questions about it. They will also help you with any issues they notice with unclear details. You will also discuss any grammar, vocabulary, or pronunciation issues.